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Liberals Attack Christians Again: Pensacola Cross Ordered To Be Taken Down after 48 Years Standing – Due to 2 People

Jun 20, 2017 No Comments by

The minority of Liberals win again.  Only 4 people complained that the cross was offensive.  What about the millions of heterosexuals offended by Gay Pride flags flying in every major city and paid for by tax payers?   Well, that is considered HATEFUL!  Liberals are liars. How can such a thing be ordered because only […]

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8th Grader Seth Clark Banned from Reciting Graduation Speech Referencing God

Jun 02, 2017 No Comments by

Todd Starnes, Fox News / Dave Urbanski, The Blaze The small town of Akin, Illinois is the heartbeat of the heartland. It’s a place where the crops are bountiful and so are the patriots. hey don’t even have a post office in Akin – but they do have a church. And around this part of […]

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